Today is a great day to be alive, to be travelers, to be people who seek after opportunity. All over the planet, hope is alive, motivating the youth of developing nations to learn, to adapt, to chase after opportunity to achieve their dreams. They see it happening all around them, every day, and they want it – and they’re willing to work for it.

The vast majority of the planet truly do have it better now than ever in recorded history. More people have access to drinking water, medical care, and life-altering technology, than at any point in our brief lifetimes – and certainly compared to any century in the past. The long term global outlook is decidedly bullish.

Why does Venturopoly exist? Well, first of all our brand is built on fun: the portmanteau word is intriguing, the logo is modern and cheerful, and together they embody the happiness of a journey to explore the unknown, alone or with friends. We purposefully chose a fun name and brand in a space where fear is de rigeur, because our values lead us to believe that life is awesome and should be celebrated!

The frontier isn’t an escape from “the real world” as many critics of the expat lifestyle condescendingly imply – it IS the real world! One lacking entitlement and safe spaces, chalk-full of opportunities to create positive change. It’s far more inspiring to live surrounded by the chaos of birth that is the frontier, than to live surrounded by the chaos of death that is the current western “modern” world.

So we decided Venturopoly will focus on the excitement and growth in the emerging world, the great leaps forward taking place in frontier regions, the positive shift in the perspective towards freedom of the individual, towards the free market, towards life itself.

You can get doom and gloom anywhere, even in – especially in, unfortunately – the so-called libertarian and PT spaces. The easiest method of selling seems to be preying on fears.

“Time is running out for civilization!” (So buy our time extender!)

“Your government is evil!” (So buy our access to a government that isn’t!)

“You will lose everything if you don’t get out now!” (So hire us to give you a plan of escape!)

There’s truth to the claims, but you already know that – only the stupefied, zombified masses are so naive they cannot look at the world and see the problems that exist. Problems that are created and exacerbated by the very people whom they also clamor to swap out in favor of their guy every few years. Yes, we get it.

But here at Venturopoly we want to focus on solutions, without the fear. Opportunities driven by a love for life, not by a fear of loss. Exploration motivated by a fascination with our planet, not by a “the grass is greener over there” position of lack. Building a legacy because it’s in each of us to Be.Do.Have.Give., not because we’re afraid of being forgotten by history.

Venturopoly is about the positive side of life in the frontier. It’s also about overcoming those fears of the reptilian mind that are so easily preyed upon. Because we choose to focus on the greatness of man, not his foibles. And our aim is to pull humanity forward, not run away and hide.

The world needs individuals who inspire, people of self-esteem who embrace their greatness. People who understand and are aware of the pitfalls of a planet with 7 billion people, but who dare to proudly put themselves and their work on full display.

That’s who each of us aims to be, and that’s who we are looking to meet on this journey.

Venturopoly is about maximizing yourself

Venturopoly is Frontier Investment Lifestyle.

We invest time and resources into long-term frontier deals, while simultaneously maximizing personal growth through challenging outdoor adventures and unique lifestyle experiences.

“From the smallest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the skyscraper, everything we are and everything we have comes from one attribute of man – the function of his reasoning mind.”

– Ayn Rand

Muddy happy adventurer

Venturopoly meetups provide a framework for growth within the fundamental areas of shared experiences, financial freedom, essential knowledge, and dynamic health.


Meetups are at the heart of Venturopoly – the hub of what is a constantly evolving network, where Venturopolists gather to connect tangibly under challenging but awe-inspiring conditions.

The purpose of Venturopoly meetups is to inspire and challenge each individual attendee in maximizing their own unique potential as a Venturopolist.

Venturopoly meetups provide a framework for growth within the fundamental areas of shared experiences, financial freedom, essential knowledge, and dynamic health.

A rising tide raises all ships – thus, the evolution of each individual raises the synergistic potential for all individuals participating in a Venturopoly meetup together.

V events are opportunities for overcoming the fears that plague each of us, and realizing they are all in our heads.

These are events that challenge you to overcome, to move from fear-based living to motivation that is simply a love for life and for your place in it.

Whether it’s fear of heights, water, speed, or something else, conquering those fears is valuable for an individual at any age and position in life.

Meetups are not rah-rah self-help mumbo jumbo – visualization can be powerful, but action is what creates value.

Venturopoly is designed to facilitate this action. To make you work. To kick your ass all day but leave you feeling accomplished when your head hits the pillow.

Venturopoly meetups will stimulate your senses, and the network you’ll forge combined with the opportunities you’ll discover will inspire greater returns as you take more focused, powerful action in every facet of your life.

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Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

– Helen Keller


We explore because it feeds every part of ones being. Sure, #wanderlust and all that, but anyone can wander lost. Venturopolists seek to combine that emotional stimuli with an element of productivity, to find solutions that enrich and improve our lives and the lives of the greatest number of people possible.

We do not have causes – we have productions. We do not produce motivated by altruism – we give by choice, motivated by a desire to bring to the world more producers. Because unlike sacrifice for the greater good, more individuals creating a better life for themselves is what actually makes the world a better place.

In the developing world more than anywhere else, necessity fertilizes the natural inclination toward creativity and innovation. And the chaotic nature of perpetually disorganized governmental entities – without the massive budgets of the west allowing for near omniscience – means that people find ways to be free. To improve their lives.

Not to live the cliche “happy despite their poverty” life, but to actually produce and hustle and get rewarded for it. To make small, sustainable changes which lead to lasting impact for themselves and their families.

We’re not discounting poverty, or the obscenity of seeing a Rolls Royce Wraith paraded down a street past vendors hawking noodles next to disheveled begging children. But how can we love the fringes then, I mean, that’s the epitome of the frontier, right? Oh, no, wait, that’s as likely to happen in London or New York, as it is in Saigon or Lagos.

The reality is that rich and poor have always existed, and the disparity likely always will. But where there is freedom to pursue productive opportunity, there can be a greater shift in the level of income and overall lifestyle of the largest number of people. Those impoverished shoeless children can legitimately dream of one day owning that Rolls Royce, and then work toward that end.

Our goal is to seek out opportunities that benefit both the investor and the greatest number of people in a given area. To visualize that child’s roadmap from the streetcorner to the corner office of a high-rise that doesn’t yet exist. To draw up a plan, solidify long-term partnerships, and begin to build the infrastructure needed.

Whether through direct investment or by proxy, the goal is to make the world a better place and simultaneously enjoy the rewards of the profit that comes from prudent long-term investment in making the world a better place.

So yes, Venturopolists do wander – with eyes wide open observing not only the natural beauty of frontier spaces, but also the potential of what may be, through the power of creative thought. And we’re looking for others to join us on the journey.

Venturopoly driving across Mongolian steppe no fences

Venturopolists seek positive returns and positive impact – one is not escaping from, one is striving towards.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

– Aristotle

If you want to be happy, BE.

– Tolstoy

Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.

– Rand

Venturopoly whitewater Josh Galt riverboarding Kyotsu - photo by Darin McQuoid

Venturopoly will point positive. Aware of the dangers, observant and comprehending, but focused on pathways with the most potential for success and fun through the midst of it all.


In the river, when paddling whitewater, there is an extremely important rule that everyone in the group needs to know: ALWAYS POINT POSITIVE.

Most of the time communication is challenging, because of the overpowering noise of the rapids, and the distance between people. There are various hand signals, but underlying them all is the principle that you focus only on where you want the person you’re communicating with to go.

Without this understanding, hand signals and yelling and pointing can all be misinterpreted, leading to potentially deadly consequences.

It doesn’t matter if there is imminent danger – a rock sieve, a log strainer, a massive recirculating hole – you avoid it and point the others only in the safe direction away from it. You point positive.

Communication is then never misunderstood (“Is he saying to go there? Or that I’m getting a beatdown if I go there? Aaaah I’m not sure what he’s saying to do!”) and the reason for the danger becomes essentially a moot point, one that can be discussed at length later after safely navigating the maelstrom.

As a metaphor for life, look – everyone already knows the river is fraught with dangers. There’s no need to focus on it during the journey. One travels down a river to enjoy the intense fun, the natural beauty, the exploration and the camaraderie.

Sure, sometimes you have to stop and scout, or even figure out a tricky portage around the not-yet-runnable stuff. And sometimes you lose your focus in the midst of the chaos, leading to mistakes and going off your desired line, and then you get your ass kicked.

But after you pass through a rapid, you look back upstream and celebrate a good line, or you exhale a sigh of relief at a near-miss, or you catch your breath and regroup after a beatdown. Regardless of the outcome, you’re still alive, and it all makes for great story fodder later about the epic almost-got-me’s. Or did-get-me’s! (Hopefully not because your compañero pointed you toward a hazard…)

But in the midst of it all, you focus positive, on your line, and you point positive, for others you’re traveling with. Always. Positive.

That’s our promise to you for Venturopoly. We will point positive. Aware of the dangers, observant and comprehending, but focused on pathways with the most potential for fun and success through the midst of it all.

There’s a lot more on the way from V, so if what you’ve read here appeals to you – and kudos to you if you read the whole thing! – please subscribe, or send us an email via the contact form below if you have questions.

– Josh Galt & Charl van Rensburg

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