The Rich and Poor Share the Same Streets in Cambodia

And it's powerfully motivating for the lower classes
In Cambodia, the rich and poor share the same streets. The only differentiation is the level of conspicuous materialism to proclaim their status in society. If I have an iPhone 7, but you have an iPhone X, you are better than me. 🙄

It’s not unique to Cambodia, of course, but even looking at the history of the kingdom going back a thousand years, one finds class distinctions normal and pronounced. 👑🎩👨‍🌾

Unlike a caste system though, where you’re born at a level you will stay your whole life, in SE Asia people are driven to achieve and move up in society. No, every factory worker probably doesn’t have a realistic chance to one day own this Ferrari. But the same could be said for the USA.

They do have a chance though, and with the continued growth in the region, more and more people are escaping poverty and reaching middle class status…and some are becoming wealthy. 📈

While I’m personally not a big fan of status based on materialism (stuff is cool, it just shouldn’t define ones self-esteem), in a place like #Cambodia I think it actually helps to encourage ambition, education, and hard work. 💪🤓 #PhnomPenh 🇰🇭

And while I’d never want to drive this Ferrari in Cambodia since I’d never get out of first gear, seeing it while I’m riding my bicycle around town certainly gives me a little extra inspiration to keep learning and working hard…because I wouldn’t mind driving it in San Diego, Singapore, or Switzerland! 🙂

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The Rich and Poor Share the Same Streets in Phnom Penh Cambodia

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