Journey Purposefully

Shifting the travel mindset from simply wandering, to investing in the future

As travelers we understand the beauty of the journey, and even the benefits of wandering, that sometimes aimless movement from place to place that can at times enrich the soul.

But the journey of human existence is more than simply staying in motion. That constant motion, and changes of scenery, that need for perpetual variety can be as addictive as any drug.

It’s also potentially as empty, in the long run.

Modern-day explorers often have much shallower reasons for traveling than those of our ancestors – they were seeking new lands for trade, or for colonization, to build better civilizations.

Today we can so easily fall into the trap of traveling for the photo-op, motivated – if we’re honest about it – by #hashtagmyamazinglife.

Life’s meant to be enjoyed – but as rational beings, our purpose should be less driven by external praise (popularity), and more by thinking and productive work, for ourselves as individuals.

Applied to traveling, then, I’m driven to travel in search of opportunities that may be executed on to create positive change and lasting benefit.

Growth is often destructive to the status quo – the spinning loom, the steam engine, the mobile phone, but in the end the impactive is overwhelmingly beneficial and evolutionary for humanity.

I’ve personally spent far too many years traveling, collecting countries, enjoying memorable experiences, forging new relationships, but without acting on the potential that I’ve seen and noted in so many places, so many times.

Usually, the universe didn’t seem too disappointed, because others heeded the call, plucking the same knowledge from their creative minds and taking action. Growth, local job creation, and profitability were the result.

The challenges that I faced when I started traveling full-time in the early 2000’s are now irrelevant – technology has opened up the world to digital nomads, and being a location independent entrepreneur really is realistic for virtually anyone today.

Which also makes the temptation for wandering all the greater, and it seems to be the status quo now – traveling has become a competition for who can appear to be having the most amazing vacation life.

It’s a mistake, and it’s one that I’ve realized the past year or so in setting up Venturopoly, has impacted my own life in a big way.

I’ve journeyed at a frenetic pace over the years, because I could. I’ve collected countries, often without any real reason for visiting other than fun and adding another country to the list.

Sure, much of the time I was actually “doing” something, whether as a sponsored athlete exploring rivers, or working on various events. But it was all temporal investment – into the moment, the media, the madness of putting together international competitions.

I’ve realized though that the real value comes from seeking, finding, and producing creations which can become profitable entities focused on long-term growth.

The legend of Johnny Appleseed epitomizes what it means to Journey Purposefully – travel, explore, but always seek to plant seeds that will grow and return a harvest in the future.

Bentley Bentayga arrives in Phnom Penh

Now that they are officially being imported, the Bentley Bentayga is quickly becoming a popular SUV of choice for the wealthy in Phnom Penh

Don’t just collect countries – invest in them!

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The African Ascension

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The edible insects dilemma – novelty vs nutrition

As the edible insects industry grows, critics are pointing out that a few companies are merely marketing a novelty to make money, not creating food security – but this is a necessary part of the process

The rich and poor share the same streets in Phnom Penh Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the rich and poor share the same streets no matter what they’re driving, and while status is very important, there’s also a level of upward mobility possible in the country that can give even a poor person inspiration to learn and work hard to one day advance.

Children working at a coffee farm

Rural Guatemalan children doing backbreaking work as young as 5 years old is tragic, but sometimes kids are working to learn and earn, while also going to school and being kids. The situation is complex.

Idea – luxury bicycle dealership in Cambodia selling Cyclotron bikes

Inspired by the local luxury car scene, I think a dealership in Phnom Penh selling this futuristic bike could do very well

Ubuntu on the Zambezi

When you’re stranded on the wrong side of a rural African river in the dark

The vibrance of a growing Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is really an interesting and vibrant place to live, and worth a visit if you’re touring SE Asia

Do the youth of SE Asia have the freedom to re-shape the world?

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Road construction and the need for innovative development in Costa Rica

San Jose Costa Rica has a major traffic problem, and they’ve been unable to rectify it – but the solution may be to build up, and stack the roads

Tapping into the Vein of De Aar South Africa

Sometimes the solution isn’t new tech, but rather a revitalization of the old for communities like De Aar

Journey Purposefully

Shifting the traveling mindset from simply wandering, to journey purposefully and invest in the future, leaving each place better than you found it

Skyscraper Renderings vs Reality

The excitement over futuristic, modern skyscraper designs shown in renderings always turns to disappointment when the tower goes up and the finished building looks nothing like what was advertised. Why do developers do this?

Don't just collect countries, invest in them!

Pop-up Barbershop in Vientiane

The African Ascension

Ubuntu on the Zambezi

Tapping into the Vein in De Aar South Africa

Why I Ride A Bicycle In Phnom Penh

I got pulled over on the moto again by cops wanting a bribe...

The vibrance of a growing Phnom Penh

The city is growing rapidly and despite the chaos, is quite a fun and interesting place to be

Bentley Bentayga

The world's fastest SUV has arrived in Cambodia

Road construction and the need for innovative development in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's capitol city has struggled with traffic congestion for years - is there a viable solution?

Cyclotron Futuristic Luxury Bike Dealership in Phnom Penh

Conspicuous consumption of luxury goods is all the rage in Cambodia - but nobody's ever seen a bike like this!

Cyclotron from the front side at night

Skyscraper Renderings vs Reality

Why do developers advertise a futuristic, modern tower, and then build something different?

Journey Purposefully

Shifting the mindset from simply traveling, to uncovering opportunities and investing in the future

Children working at a Guatemalan coffee farm

Sometimes kids working in Guatemala isn't as tragic as it would seem at first glance.

Construction Everywhere - Why I love Living In SE Asia

Sustainability, Food Security, & Entomofagia in Mexico

The Edible Insects Dilemma - Novelty vs Nutrition

The Rich and Poor Share the Same Streets in Phnom Penh Cambodia

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