Construction Everywhere

Why I Love Living In SE Asia

I really love construction, and always have since I grew up wanting to be an architect – or at least wanting to design ridiculously cool mansions for myself and rich people. haha

But I do have a goal to one day build a tower in some city near the ocean, could be in Asia or Latin America, but it needs to be warm, a really cosmopolitan, stable, and growing city, and near enough to the sea to have blue ocean and whitewater views, along with cool city skyline views.

Panama City would be a great place – some of the towers along Balboa Avenue are awesome (although many of the proposed towers, like the planned 100+ level Arts Tower, never got built as designed).

But more likely, it’ll be someplace in Asia, since at least during my lifetime that’s likely the future. Africa could come into play as well in a decade or two.

The point though is simply that I pay a lot of attention to construction and post a lot of pictures on the Venturopoly instagram of cool buildings both in development and finished, but I don’t really talk about why. This is why.

One day, I am going to design and build one of these buildings. #lifegoals

Don't just collect countries, invest in them!

Pop-up Barbershop in Vientiane

The African Ascension

Ubuntu on the Zambezi

Tapping into the Vein in De Aar South Africa

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I got pulled over on the moto again by cops wanting a bribe...

The vibrance of a growing Phnom Penh

The city is growing rapidly and despite the chaos, is quite a fun and interesting place to be

Bentley Bentayga

The world's fastest SUV has arrived in Cambodia

Road construction and the need for innovative development in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's capitol city has struggled with traffic congestion for years - is there a viable solution?

Cyclotron Futuristic Luxury Bike Dealership in Phnom Penh

Conspicuous consumption of luxury goods is all the rage in Cambodia - but nobody's ever seen a bike like this!

Cyclotron from the front side at night

Skyscraper Renderings vs Reality

Why do developers advertise a futuristic, modern tower, and then build something different?

Journey Purposefully

Shifting the mindset from simply traveling, to uncovering opportunities and investing in the future

Children working at a Guatemalan coffee farm

Sometimes kids working in Guatemala isn't as tragic as it would seem at first glance.

Construction Everywhere - Why I love Living In SE Asia

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