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One of the primary drivers of Venturopoly is my interaction with you!

Whether you have a specific question about an investment opportunity, are curious about living in a certain location, or just want to let me know your opinion on something, I’d love to hear from you and connect with you.

This journey is much more enjoyable sharing it with like-minded people, and that means we’re all learning and growing throughout the process.

So if there’s something I can assist you with, or if there’s an issue that you’d like to recommend ways for Venturopoly to improve, please let me know!

Call or email and I’ll get back to you right away. But you probably don’t want to send snail-mail…in keeping with Flag Theory, I don’t spend much time at V’s public physical address. 🙂


Address: Sepapaja 6, Tallinn, 15551 Estonia


Europe: +372 60 27 007

Asia: +852 817 007 27

Social: @venturopoly


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Venturopoly is frontier investment lifestyle for the sophisticated Venturopolist.

Sepapaja 6, Tallinn, 15551 Estonia
+372 60 27 007

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